Sunday, September 7, 2008


For those individuals who have been coming to my blog these past couple of days to see Skyler's post, please have respect. I would appreciate it if you possibly would limit the traffic to my site now. This was originally an online journal for my family, friends and myself. It's used to keep them up to date with the exciting things going on in my life. Thank you for your understanding:)

ps. sorry skyler.


Ahamed Bauani said...

First of All, Let me thank you for your nice blog with a really nice 'Playlist'. I just found your blog by the 'Next Blog' button on Navbar. Anyway, Regarding the posting of 'ATTENTION', I didn't came here to see 'Skyler's Post, But I am sure there was something people find useful and come back often. With respect I would like to request you to add a like to 'Skyler's Post' so that People come here can find thouse posting in somewhere else. Happy Blogging.